Can i has book blog friends pwease?

Friday, May 11, 2012

socially awkward bibliophile Belle is my spirit animal

I am aware of the grammatical error in my title. It was purposely written like that in lolcats fashion.

Anywayyyyyys, does anyone want to link exchange? I'm building up a blogroll, but it's still pretty bare. Any kind of blog is fine, just as long as you share my passion for books. message me at  or post a comment below if you're interested! :)

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  1. I added you thru gmail/google! I like your colorful blog... Always need more friends! :D you can visit and add me at

    1. Hello! I added you to my blog roll :)
      It's on the upper right corner of my site~

  2. I'd love to be one of your book blog friends!

    Link me at :D

    1. Hey Sel! Yay! I'm happy that I get to meet new people here! :)

      Btw, I added you to my blogroll, it's on the upper right corner of my blog <3

  3. Interested. (:
    Link to us @: We're fixing our Blogs we follow page, right now. It needs work ^-^.

    1. Hi guys! :)
      I already added you to my blog roll, it's on the upper right side of my site. Thanks for stopping by! <3

  4. I'm following you now too!
    I'd appreciate it if you could follow my blog as i'm in the same position looking for fellow bloggers.
    But it's so much fun meeting all the new bloggers.


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