e-reader dilemma, HALP!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

So i'm finally entering the dark side. I am getting myself an e-reader.

* dun dun dunnnnn*

Did someone use a change of heart spell card on me? Because I promised myself that I would never buy an e-reader EVER, but look at me now.

I've been looking around online and i've been reading reviews and comparison charts and all that jazz, but what do you guys think? What kind of e-reader should I get?

Right now i'm leaning towards a Nook or a Kindle, i'm just not sure which model. I'm pretty sure that i'm not gettinga Kindle Fire though, because that shizz is just too expensive for me. 

Anyways, thoughts? :)

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  1. I have a Kindle Fire now, upgraded from a 2nd generation Kindle that I had for a few years. I love the Kindle! The Fire was a gift, luckily, so price was not an issue. The Fire downfall is that it is WIFI only. I miss being able to download a book or sync at anytime via 3G. So I would suggest one of the other models. I also have the Kindle app on my phone so I always have my book available if I get stuck somewhere! :)

    I can't say anything about the Nook since I have never had one ~ but the Kindle is my best friend!!

    1. Aw darn, I hope someone gives me a kindle :(
      Ahahaha! Thank you! I definitely am getting a kindle, though. Maybe one of the cheaper ones, but still :D

  2. I have both devices.
    I won the Nook when I was working for B&N.
    And I got the Kindle Fire as a gift.
    I love both!
    However, it seems that more authors use the Kindle format.
    The Nook is great too and both of them are so similar.
    The nook simple touch with glowlight is pretty cool and only 139$
    its tough to say! go to the stores and play with both before you decide.
    oh another thing ive noticed is that amazon has a better selection of free books for kindle than BN does with Nook.

    1. Hmm.. I'm really into books from indie authors, so I guess kindle is the way to go. Thank you!

  3. 1) Our blogs are very very very very similar . . . is that a coincidence?
    2) I have a Nook Simple Touch, and it was only $99, which was good. It also has a much larger selection of books than Amazon does.

    1. Holy jeez we have the same template!
      I guess you get rights since your blog's older, should I change mine? Other than the template, I don't really see other similarities D;

    2. It's not really a problem. I just wasn't sure if you were messing with me or something :o)
      I'm not going to NOT let you have it since it's available for everyone and I'm sure there are tens of hundreds of others with the same theme. But your blog is one of the traffic sources of my blog, and I wasn't sure why that was. Do you know?
      (Which basically means that people were redirected to my blog from your blog)

    3. Hmm.. i'm not exactly sure but maybe it was because my old template had a list of everyone i was following, and since your blog's url starts with a 'b', you were on top. i guess some of my blog visitors clicked the link and went to your blog?


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