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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Swedish book covers for Harry Potter.
Does anyone know where I can learn how to read swedish?

Do I really have to explain why? Just look at that! Badassery is over lvl 999!

I applaud the man/woman who drew these magical cover arts, I really do. Just look at those colors! And her blending technique is just... woah.

I mean, really. I would pay anything to have those printed on Lustre paper, framed and displayed in my living room.

My only peeve is how the words in the 4th book's cover blend in completely with the art, making it barely readable! I wish he/she picked a hue somewhere in buckbeak's color palette.

Other than that, these are absolutely perfect.

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  1. Really late comment, but I found this through google :)

    Being Swedish I grew up with Alvaro Tapia's fantastic covers and wish one could get the original English language versions with this design as that would be the best of two worlds.

    As for the text being hard to read on one cover it's just in the photo. The titles were printed in reflective silver on all books (except for Deathly Hallows on which it's golden. The covers also have details in silver such as stars and the artwork continues on to the back in metallic lines. Hard to explain – so here's a video showing them:



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