[REVIEW] Ash by Malinda Lo

Friday, May 11, 2012


by Malinda Lo
Genre: fantasy, young adult, romance
Topics: sexual confusion, sexual frustrations, AM I A LESBO?
Publication date: March 4th 2010
Publisher: Hodder Children's
Pages: 291 (paperback)

SYNOPSIS: In the wake of her father's death, Ash is left at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her. In her dreams, someday the fairies will steal her away, as they are said to do. When she meets the dark and dangerous fairy Sidhean, she believes that her wish may be granted.

The day that Ash meets Kaisa, the King's Huntress, her heart begins to change. Instead of chasing fairies, Ash learns to hunt with Kaisa. Though their friendship is as delicate as a new bloom, it reawakens Ash's capacity for love-and her desire to live. But Sidhean has already claimed Ash for his own, and she must make a choice between fairy tale dreams and true love.
Entrancing, empowering, and romantic, Ash is about the connection between life and love, and solitude and death, where transformation can come from even the deepest grief.

This book in a nutshell: Twilight + Cinderella + lesbians
  • elegant writing
  • Again, Malinda's writing. It was almost lyrical
  • Weak story line
  • Where's the darkness? Where are all the hot fairy men? Why?
  • I have nothing against lesbians, but they should have at least mentioned this teeny detail before I started the book. I had expectations of romance (in male form) and hot fairy men and the lack of those just ruined the whole experience for me.
  • The conflict confused me. Was it really the whole "should I pick the hot fairy dude or the emo huntress?" thing? If so, damn.
  • Where are you, climax????
  • It was so incredibly slow paced and paid too much attention to detail. I know details are important, but using seven or more adjectives per noun is just *beep*
  • It bored me to death
The nub and gist:
In a technical point of view, it was amazing. The story will bore you to death, however.

Read this if:
  • you like unassuming stories
  • you don't require too much depth to your characters

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  1. I have been wanting to read Ash for sometime it sounds pretty good. I am a new follower. ^_^

    - Beckie @ Bittersweet Enchantment

  2. Read this book too...was not a fan...just didn't enjoy much of the plot and characters. Good review :)

  3. I wanted to read this one for Fairy Tale Fortnight in late April..... and yeah. That just didn't happen. I didn't mind the homosexuality and like you said the writing was REALLY good, so I don't know why I couldn't past the first half, it was probably the plot and timing. If it was shorter, I think I'd have been able to finish it.

    Thanks for following!! :)

  4. I agree with many of your points on this book, the writing is beautiful but the story itself is very tedious. Great review I enjoyed reading it more than the actual book


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