[REVIEW] A Demon Made Me Do It by Penelope King

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Demon Made Me Do It
by Penelope King
Genre: urban fantasy, young adult, paranormal
Publication date: August 1st 2011
Pages: 315 (paperback)
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A Demon Made Me Do It

SYNOPSIS: Some girls share clothes, a bathroom, or a bedroom. Seventeen-year-old Liora Greyson has to share, too. Only she shares her body--with a demon.

Liora just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed, her dark secret intact. But the walls she’s carefully constructed to keep people away crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron, and he lights her world on fire. She can’t let him know she transforms into a demon named "Lucky" at nightfall—a demon with an entirely separate personality who passes out Torment, Justice, and Revenge like Halloween candy.

Turns out Kieron is the one who should be afraid once Lucky discovers his true identity and motivations. Liora wants to love him, but Lucky thinks he’s public enemy number one. And having a demon with a vendetta show up during a romantic date puts a serious crimp in any relationship.

Fighting your demons is one thing. Having one that fights back, messes with your guy, and leaves you with nasty hangovers is quite another.

Being bad has never been so good...

This book in a nutshell: Persona 4 + Dante's Inferno
This book was way better than I expected. I thought it would be a really dark and eerie demon slaying kind of book, but it was actually a tale of acceptance, facing your fears, and coming into terms with who you really are, even the ugly bits that you hate about yourself.

Whenever I read a book with characters with different personalities I always end up loathing at least one of them, but that didn't happen with this book. I loved all the characters, both demons and humans. They all had their own charms. The plot is also well written and unique, although the pacing and switching of POVs ticked me off at times.

It had it's fair share of teen angst, but not enough to make it too annoying, so that's good. Oh, and I have to say, the guys in this book are sizzling hot. I mean, I guess most paranormal young adult books need hot guys to add an extra oomph of, err, paranormal-ness, but the guys in A Demon Made Me Do It had a hotness meter of a burning fury of a thousand suns. And i'm not even exaggerating here. Oh, and I loved Lucky so much, it scared me. She reminded me of Cara Mason from Legend of The Seeker, with her leather outfits, extreme bad-assery, and all that.

Cara Mason had extreme emotional "im supposed to be
bad i cant feel this way" monologues too

It's very easy to relate to the story since all of us have a side of ourselves that we don't really like and all that. It also had a lot of adrenaline filled butt-kicking scenes, which I loved. It wasn't too serious though, with the characters' deadpan humor making me chuckle here and there. All in all it was a pretty good book, and I honestly enjoyed it.


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  1. Persona 4 + Dante's Inferno = you've peeked my interest :)


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