[REVIEW] Diary by Chuck Palahniuk

Sunday, May 13, 2012


by Chuck Palahniuk
Genre: horror, contemporary, suspense, thriller
Publication date: September 14th 2004
Publisher: Anchor
Pages: 262 (paperback)
SYNOPSIS: Misty Wilmot has had it.
Once a promising young artist, she’s now stuck on an island ruined by tourism, drinking too much and working as a waitress in a hotel. Her husband, a contractor, is in a coma after a suicide attempt, but that doesn’t stop his clients from threatening Misty with lawsuits over a series of vile messages they’ve found on the walls of houses he remodeled.

Suddenly, though, Misty finds her artistic talent returning as she begins a period of compulsive painting. Inspired but confused by this burst of creativity, she soon finds herself a pawn in a larger conspiracy that threatens to cost hundreds of lives. What unfolds is a dark, hilarious story from America’s most inventive nihilist, and Palahniuk’s most impressive work to date.

This book in a nutshell:  level 98 writing + Dan Brown goes to art school
Words cannot express how insanely good this book is. I don't even know how to effectively describe it.
It vivid, disturbing, grotesque, and a bit supernatural. The imagery was spot on.
It was organized chaos. If any other writer wrote a novel with half the amount of twists in this book, it's a one hit KO. Crash and burn. But this is Chuck Palahniuk we're talking about here, he never burns.
This story will keep you guessing. I found myself getting surprised at each turn of the page. Just when I think that I've figured the whole story out, Palahniuk, being the ass that he is, brings up another trump card proclaiming that my assumptions were wrong. And he brings up another one. And another one. And another one. It was like walking towards an edge of the room thinking that it's the end point, but then finding yourself back where you started. Palahniuk, you dick.

This is the kind of book that creeps under your flesh and tortures you with dreams. (In a perfectly good way!)

Do not read this if:
you don't like grotesque scenes. because there are a lot. believe me.
you are sqwirmish and you puke at the sight of needles, blood, etc. (but i say to hell with that, because the book is completely worth it)
you dislike books with vulgar language

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