Cover Reveal-Induced Orgasms

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cover reveals are popping up all over the blogosphere almost everyday, but the ones I posted are my favorites. It's really shallow of me, but the first thing I notice in a book is it's cover. If I saw any of these in my local bookstore, I would immediately add it to my cart. Are any of these books on your to-read list? Which ones are your favorites? 

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  1. Whoa. I love the first cover! Awesome list Ellie!

  2. Hi Ellie,
    Cute Blog! I agree with your picks. I love the cover of Taken, Prophecy and Paper Valentine. New follower here.

    -The Unseelie Nerd

  3. I absolutely LOVE the cover of The Nightmare Affair. It's gorgeous and the summary is really intriguing!

  4. Wow! Those are really beautiful covers! Especially The Nightmare Affair :)

  5. I love the Paper Valentine and The Nightmare Affair's illustrated cover.


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