Two Gorgeous Cover Reveals!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi guys! It's been a pretty busy week for me, since my classes officially started this week. But amidst the stress, I managed to squeeze in a few hours of internet time and I found these lovely covers that have been released just recently.

First up, we have the cover for the second book in the Everneath trilogy.

Everbound (Everneath #2) by Brodi Ashton

Expected publication: January 22nd 2013 by Balzer+Bray

Two months ago, the Tunnels of the underworld came for Nikki Beckett. That night, Nikki's boyfriend, Jack, made the ultimate sacrifice. All Nikki wants is to save Jack before it's too late. All Cole wants is to find his queen - and he thinks Nikki is the one. Both determined, both desperate, Nikki and Cole form a tense alliance, leading them on a dangerous journey to The Heart of The Everneath.

My initial reactions was, "she has a face!" In all honesty though, I completely adore this cover. The model looks dignified and strong, but hasn't lost her femininity and grace. And, I love how the smoke blends in so cleanly with her dress. "White girl in a gown" is such a trend in YA covers nowadays, but this just leaves me speechless. I have to say that it looks slightly different than the first book, but I can easily live with that. 

Next, we have the cover for Unravel Me!

Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) by Tahereh Mafi
Expected publication: February 5th 2013 by HarperCollins

This is just breathtaking. It looks so ethereal and dreamy; I am so in love with it! The colors are so beautiful, and the cover as a whole really speaks to the reader. And I really loved that they decided to follow the theme of the paperback of the first book! Here they are side by side:

Now imagine those two sitting on your bookshelf- covergasm!

Oh, and have you heard of the contest Wendy Higgins had on her blog? The cover-remake one? Well, I sent in some entries, and one of them made it into the final round! I didn't win, but it was nice to know that some of the voters thought that it was better than the original. Here it is:

It's a remake of February Flowers by Fan Wu. The girl on the cover is definitely not me- I'm not that gorgeous! The girl is a model on a stock photo set I found that was free for everyone to use. The stock was really bland so I played around with the color balance and curves, and added a few textures. And this is the end result! :)

So, what do you think about the covers? Love or hate? Also, what do you think of the cover I made for Wendy's contest? Share your thoughts! :)

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  1. Wonderful! I especially love the last one. It's just so magnificent.

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed reading Everneath (and it's cover) but this one is just... wow! Both gorgeous and slightly kick-ass! I <3 Jack :D

    I quite like the other cover for Shatter Me but this one's pretty cool too!

    New follower!!

    - Rachel <3


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