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Monday, June 03, 2013

Uhhh.. ... Hi?

Not the best way to begin introducing myself, I know. But I'm not just still over the fact that I am now part of this amazing blog. It's very surprising and surreal at the same time. Anyways, whether you're interested or not (but I hope you are), I'll tell you who I am.


I am Kyle Magistrado, born on the 7th of November, year 1998. (I'll do the Math for you because I'm that kind)—I'm currently 14 years old. I'm a guy. I live in the province of Pampanga. I'll be a Junior this incoming school year.
Aside from reading, I like to eat, sing, make poems, and sleep. I also am a news/feature writer of our school's publication for three years already.
I didn't sound like a new student introducing himself in front of the class during his first day of school, did I?


As soon as I had the ability to read, I adored encyclopedias. But it wasn't until October of 2011 when I started finding solace in the company of novels and paperbacks. I was a freshmen then, and I saw a friend of mine in school reading I Am Number Four. I was still like "Oh puh-lease. That has a movie. Don't waste your time reading and just watch it" then. The following weekend, I went to a mall and passed this bookstore where they had the IANF book on display. I decided to purchase the book just for the sake of trying it out. I did not expect myself to finish it really swiftly. I typically ate my own words and my previous opinion about novels. I could never be more wrong when I thought they were boring. And that's why I'm here today, writing this—because up to now, I'm still obsessed with reading.

I may not be a newbie in reading, but I definitely am in blogging. I have zero negative-one experience, tbh (although that's how we all start, isn't it?). Still, I know and hope that throughout time and by persevering, I'll get accustomed to all of this stuff.

I actually have no idea what Ellie had seen in me for her to pick me as a co-blogger. But I hope you'll trust her decision as much as I do. Thanks again, Ellie, for this wonderful opportunity! I'll try not to disappoint you too much, okay?

So... I think that's that. I'm absolutely looking forward to reading more books and meeting new bloggers, friends, readers, authors, and.. well, everyone actually.

Nice to meet ya!



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  1. Will be looking forward to your posts here, Kyle! :) And hello to Ellie too, if ever she's reading this comment. *waves hand*

  2. Yes, that's where we always start. So nice to meet you Kababayan! Congrats Ellie, it looks like you found a great co-blogger.

    ~Jules of Jules Bookshelf

  3. Hey Kyle, it's great seeing you part of Ellie's awesome blog! I look forward to seeing some of your great posts on here soon! :)

  4. Hello Kyle! :) Well it's great to see you here! I'm happy for a lot of things - Ellie has found someone to blog with her, then you're really young and I love when teens are reading. Needless to say you're a guy and majority bloggers are girls! :) Have fun and I can't wait to see your reviews :)

  5. Hi Kyle! Nice to see that Ellie is getting a co-blogger. :) Blogging's easy. All you need to do is get around to knowing the community. We don't bite. :) Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for your reviews! Welcome, once again, to the amazing and fantastic and ultra-cool blogosphere.

  6. Huzzah! A male blogger and bookworm.. at last! I've been wondering how many male book bloggers are there and when will I meet one, and here you are. Hi, Kyle! Welcome to the blogosphere. There's a lot of us here, willing to help if ever you need one. See you around!

    Ellie! You have a male co-blogger and he's young. I wish I had this guts to blog when I was at this age. Congrats on having someone on board.

    Charlie @ Letter Trails


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