FILIPINO FRIDAY 1: Surprise, Reader!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Filipino Fridays is a weekly meme that started with the Filipino Book Bloggers, and has evolved into a yearly pre-Filipino ReaderCon tradition. Every Friday, a topic will be posted and all Filipino readers are encouraged to make their own post about it.

Here's this week's agenda:
Surprise, Reader! Hello, it’s the first week of Filipino Fridays 2014! Whether it’s your first time to participate or not, tell us a bit about yourself. More specifically, tell us about your favorite book discoveries for this year. Any author you started reading this year that you can’t get enough of? A book you didn’t think you’d like, but you ended up liking/loving? Any book series that you just have to get your hands on? Have you discovered anything new from Filipino authors this year?
Sooo, hi! I'm Leanne and i'm a first year BS Accountancy student from Davao City who loves words more than numbers. I'm also really into GoT, Doctor Who, The Flash, AHS, and tons of anime series I can barely catch up with.

My favorite book discoveries for this year are:

to all the boys i've loved beforeender's gamecindera wild sheep chase

And I just can't get enough of Lang Leav! Her poetry never ceases to amaze me. They're always so seamless and they hit home. Aahh the feels </3

lang leavlove & misadventurelullabies

As for the books I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving, I have quite a few. I tend to judge a book by its blurb and goodreads rating- my fatal bibliophile flaw.

not a drop to drinksay what you willrites of passagewe were liars

Can anyone lend me The Maze Runner series? 😅 I saw the movie when it came out and LOVED it! I've been wanting to buy the gorgeous new boxed set but they always seem to run out.

the maze runner series

I haven't really read any books by filipino authors this year, but I saw that Pinoy Book Tours is touring Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano and I really got interested in it! 

Fall Like Rain by Ana Tejano

So, that's me. How about you guys? I would love to meet more filipino bloggers! Hit me up on my personal twitter so we can talk :)
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  1. Hi Leanne!

    Nice blog! I've read "Ender's Game." I think it's great. If you liked the novel, you should read "Ender's Shadow" too. It follows the same story line as "Ender's Game," but follows the perspective of Bean. :) It's really cool. I actually like "Ender's Shadow" more.

    I just bought "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" yesterday. I'm going to use it as a reading inspiration for NaNoWriMo. :)


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