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Sunday, October 26, 2014

King of the Mutants by Samantha Verant
by Samantha Verant

copy for review provided by Tantrum Books

Can one boy stop a nefarious plot to turn kids into super-mutants?

Maverick Murphy tolerates his life as the sideshow attraction known as "Gator Boy" at Grumbling's Travelling Circus and Sideshow.

His freakish mutations are the result of some billionaire geneticist's experiments gone awry. But life as a mutant is about to get worse, as Maverick uncovers a plot to kidnap kids, turn them into super-mutants, and sell their powers to the highest bidder.

Now, Maverick is on a mission to find the mad scientist who may have created him and destroy his sinister plans!
Its been a while since I enjoyed a middle grade book as much as I enjoyed King of the Mutants. It was fun, witty, and all sorts of crazy. The book is told in Maverick Murphy's point of view. All his life, Mav had been treated as a freak because of his gator-like appearance and because he's just a minor act in the circus, he doesn't have much of a home in Grumbling's Travelling Circus and Sideshow. Desperate to know more about his past, Mav took his chance when he stumbles upon a runaway orphan named Freddie. Together, the two boys motorbike to New Orleans and New York, fighting for answers and a place to call home.

I really loved reading through Mav's thoughts. Gator Boy is one witty kid who never misses a punch line. He had me sold- reading the book was like listening to a thirteen year-old boy telling a story over a campfire. I could practically hear Mav's determination whispering through the chapters. I also really really loved Freddie. He was the voice of reason in the book, the normalness that I clung to whenever things started to get super wierd, but he wasn't annoying at all. He makes a few mistakes here and there but I can't help but love the guy.

Mav and Freddie took me on quite an adventure- clown chases, narrow escapes, hoodoo, evil scientists, and *gasp* wearing high heels! It isn't just all fun and games though, the book also tackles with issues of finding yourself and what it means to be a family. Mav shows us that thee's more to someone than what's on the outside. King of the Mutants is a fun, adventure-filled read with a hero that anyone can relate to and look up to.

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