Caffé Antoccino // A Gastronomic Experience

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Caffé Antoccino is one of Davao’s best kept secrets. Conveniently enough, this secret is located just a few minutes’ walk away from Ateneo, so my friends and I stopped by a few times after our classes and completely fell in love with their gastronomic dishes. However, these instances were always “eat fast and balik agad sa school or else ma la-late ka!” moments, and I never got the chance to just chill, take photos, and enjoy the cafe’s quiet beauty.

When my mom asked for recommendations as to where we should eat for my brother’s birthday, I immediately suggested Caffé Antoccino. My family has always loved non-mainstream cafes that I brought them to in the past, so I thought that it was the perfect place.

Caffé Antoccino

Upon entering the cafe, my dad fell in love with it’s rustic woody interior, and my tita claimed that the lighting was “super instagrammable”. I agree that the place definitely had an unmistakable homey vibe that never fails to make me feel right at home.


My dad was on his so-called “diet” (you’re not fooling anyone dad! haha!) so he opted for this blue marlin dish. It was so juicy, creamy and buttery, and had just the right amount of oil! I’m not really a fan of fish dishes that aren’t cream dory or malasugui-based, i’m a weakling I know, but I absolutely loved this one!


I opted for my reguar dish at Antoccino, their chicken cordon bleu. The mixture of chicken and bacon never tasted this good, guys. The batter isn’t too thick, the sauce is creamily exquisite and hindi siya madamot sa meat. A single serving is definitely enough to make you full!


My cousin was curious about this certain chicken dish so she decided to order it. I forgot what it was called and didn’t taste it, but she said that it was really good. I heard the server explain to her that it was chicken breast filled with different herbs and served with a special gravy.

The others were so confused as to what to order because of the many different choices, so they followed our server’s recommendation and tried the baby back ribs. I wasn’t able to take a picture because they completely devoured their ribs after the first bite! I took a piece from my mom’s plate and it tasted like pure heaven. Super soft and tender, and the flavors practically danced on my taste buds. Sobrang sarap, promise- undeniably their best seller!


Their blended drinks were also really good! My brother ordered a cookie-based one, I ordered matcha, and my cousin opted for choco hazelnut. Not too sweet and not filled to the brim with ice- just the way we like them.


The older crowd chose something less sweet- a houseblend lemonade that looked as good as it tasted. Again, I forgot the name. I should definitely start to take note of things like these.


This, dear readers is the best cheescake I have ever tasted. It’s an oreo cheesecake that tasted oh so delectable and melts in your mouth. The owner came over and explained that they make it with pure cheese and don’t mix flour in so it’s firmer and tastier. Cheesecake at it’s best form, I must say.

Caffé Antoccino apparently makes everything from scratch, even the cakes! I think the owner works the kitchem himself with the assistance of his other staff, and he seemed to love the art of cooking and food so much because he talked about them so passionately. I have no doubt that he takes pride in offering the highest quality of dishes that he can offer. It’s safe to say that his cafe has easily become one of my family’s favorites and I think he’ll be seeing our faces again soon.

Caffé Antoccino’s crowd reaches it’s peak during the evenings, and a bit quieter around lunch. Best to take your family here for lunch or your squad for dinner. It is located at 59 Leon M. Guerrero Street, just in front of the Civil Service office. They also serve breakfast dishes from 7am to 10am.

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