Manga Toshokan // Davao City's First Manga Cafe

Friday, May 29, 2015

Last week, my friends and I went to this new place called Manga Toshokan, the first manga cafe in Davao City.

We’ve been following their page for updates long before they opened, so when they announced that they were having their dry run, we immediately took the chance to visit!

We had to walk around the area for a bit before we finally found Toshokan- they still didn’t have a clear signage when we visited. Anyways, the place was really nice and well lit, and its walls were lined with bookshelves filled to the brim with manga straight from Kinokuniya! It wasn’t all just manga though, they also had novels like books by Murakami and George R.R. Martin, western Marvel and DC comics, art books, and reaally hard to find art materials. You can choose to sit in their comfy chairs in the cafe area or opt for a quiet little nook with a table and a Starry Sky body pillow. There was a steady flow of relaxing Jmusic from the stereo and they were showing eps of Death Parade while we were there. You can also take art classes or have your portrait drawn for you while you wait. It was HEAVEN!!!

My friends ordered Seafood pasta and Chicken pasta, while I opted for a japanese rice omelette dish called Omurice. Their food was really really tasty. I was a bit iffy at first because I thought it was a bit pricey for pasta and omelette, but the servings were really big and the taste made up for everything. So sulit! Oh, and the staff were incredibly courteous and helpful. Timing rin na they were in full cosplay mode when we visited- they were in character and everything! I hope to get to know them more when I visit again sometime ^^

All in all, I really loved the vibe in Manga Toshokan. It seemed like a perfect haven for manga lovers and artists to chill, relax, and meet new friends. My photos really failed to capture how cute and relaxing the place was, but i’ll make sure to take better ones the next time I visit!
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