Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Sunday Currently Vol. 3
Hi guys! I just got home from studying in this new korean cafe called Seoulmate. It’s just a short walk away from our house and it’s not that popular yet kaya sobrang tahimik pa- perfect for studying! Anyway, i’ll talk about it more in another post. 
Right now i’m trying to cough up words for an essay requirement in Management and I completely loathe the topic kaya i’m trying to relax my brain cells by writing this post. It’s still the first week of classes pero parang sasabog na utak ko. God bless you, Leanne.
R E A D I N G -  
Financial Accounting Vol. 1 by Valix, Peralta & Valix. Every sophomore accountany student’s personal dose of hell.We’re going to have our first quiz this tuesday and our professor didn’t come to class last meeting so everyone’s basically relying on self-study. Again- God bless you, Leanne.
W R I T I N G -  
This post. And i’m trying to write the essay requirement for Management. The topic is “me and ten years” and i’m not really getting into it. I usually finish things like these in no time but I don’t really like writing about the future so that’s that. 
L I S T E N I N G -  
To my little brother’s music player. It’s playing Don’t by Ed Sheeran at the moment.
T H I N K I N G - 
That I should probably continue working on my essay but I still can’t think of anything to say about the future. And that I should probably cross-post this to blogger as soon as I publish this (i’m typing this up on tumblr) so that I won’t forget.
W I S H I N G -
That the rucksack bag I ordered online from Wear anf Bare will arrive as soon as possible. They told me that it would arrive sometime this week but may part of me parin na naghohope that it’ll arrive as soon as I wake up tomorrow. Haha!
H O P I N G -  
na may pogi classmate ako sa THEO 121 class ko. Ma’am Nida said that we’ll be merged with a section from another division and i’m hoping for some much needed eye-candy. Walang pogi sa BSA, guys. It’s a sad fact.
Oh and sana makita ko na crush ko this week. #kalandian101
W E A R I N G - 
my Ateneo varsity shirt and black leggings. I gave up all forms of kaartehan to get as much comfort as possible.
L O V I N G -  
the ‘manhattan darling’ font. I loved it so much, I revamped Indiefinity’s logo just so I could use it.
W A N T I N G and N E E D I N G- 
Stability. chos. I wonder what that means...  😏
F E E L I N G - 
super duper tired. I should probably collapse in my bed soon but alas, FinAcc awaits.

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