The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

Sunday, June 21, 2015

R E A D I N G -  
Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I got a copy a while back from the author but I never got around to reading it. I’m still a few chapters in but I can see why it’s super popular!
W R I T I N G -  
This post, obviously! And i’m making reviewers for my upcoming management and finacc quizzes. I’ve been stalking the studyblr tag all evening and got super motivated to study.
L I S T E N I N G -  
To the University Undertones channel on Coffitivity. I always study better in coffee shops and this app helps me replicate the vibe.
T H I N K I N G -
Of Graceling’s plotline. Yup, i’m hooked.
W I S H I N G and H O P I N G
That i’ll pass all of my terror quizzes this week. It’s like our profs made the first two weeks a bit lax to give us a false pretense and suddenly bombard us with hardcore assessments.
W E A R I N G -
my old high school CAT shirt
L O V I N G -  
CBTL’S double chocolate ice blended drink. I always order a large one these days.
W A N T I N G and N E E D I N G-
Answers. motivation. people to photograph.
F E E L I N G -
at peace. 

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  1. Great post! I just posted Sunday Currently as well. :)



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