Saturday, July 04, 2015

July has been really great so far. Last Wednesday, the Ateneo Comms team had it’s first official team photoshoot. I thought I wouldn’t make it in time for the shoot because I was supposed to have a finacc quiz, but Ma’am Rhea rescheduled again. I wasn’t complaining though! I learned so much about the equipment we had in the multimedia centre, and the other members and I danced around the studio and took silly photos. Sir Wacky treated us to pizza and we bonded over a game of Cards Against Humanity after.

Thursday night was incredibly exhausting because of the finacc + calculus class combo, but I somehow managed to survive the seven hours of pure agony. My blockmates and I were super hungry so we basically bought out the satellite canteen’s entire supply of yakisoba! I was still pretty hungry after my Management class, so I called Leo and we had dinner at Cafe Antoccino. 

I pigged out a lot last Friday. I spent the morning with Eloise, Kreshia, and Nicole and we ate early lunch at the caf but it was pretty much useless since our finacc quiz got cancelled again. I met up with my high school barkada after my last class and we went on the ultimate foodtrip- Yummys -> Abreeza -> Green Coffee Marfori -> Caitlyns Dimsum House. Help me i’m poor.

NSTP earlier was super fun! We went to the Finster aud and Direk Jerrald Tarog, the director of Heneral Luna and the Shake Rattle n Roll films, treated us to a special preview of his film. He seemed like such a great guy and i’ve been looking forward to Heneral Luna ever since I saw the trailer last summer. Historian and notable speaker Xiao Chua also gave a talk about how humane our national heroes were. He was a really witty dude with an infectious passion for national history- sayang nga lang na I didn’t get the chance to talk to him.

After the forum at Finster aud, Kaira and I headed over to the Multimedia Centre to help Sir Pao with the applicants selection process. The three of us had lunch at the kebab place in Jacinto and bumped into Gianne and Patria. Gianne introduced me to her friends and I automatically clicked with all of them since they love Haikyuu and KuroBas too :(( After all of that, Sir Pao brought Kaira and I back to the office. We danced to marching band music and disney songs in between work, and we introduced him to Izza. The three of us facetimed too!

Okay- this is turning into a really long post so i’m going to wrap it all up real quick, but my week was seriously that eventful! I honestly hope that the next few weeks of July will be as great as this one x

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