ret·ro·spect /ˈretrəˌspekt/

Saturday, October 17, 2015

ret·ro·spect  /ˈretrəˌspekt/ 

  • Took it to the stre3ts with my COMMS fam. Drank draft beer and bonded over a platter of potatoes + a game of UNO
  • Went to Yohfroz with Cha, Miko, and Gabby! This was directly after stre3ts. Frookies after beer? Why not!
  • Had an impromptu studio shoot with Arthur, one of my best (and vainest) mates. This was a first for me, to be honest. Studio lights and white walls are great and all, but I still feel more comfortable shooting outdoors.
  • Kaira stopped by my class before she went home and gave me mooncakes for the mid-autumn festival. I’ve been craving for these babies for months! Most of my classmates never tasted mooncakes before so I ended up passing the big one around for everyone to taste. It’s all good, fam.
  • Eloise celebrated her birthday on a school day so we all went to Shakey’s in Gmall after our phys ed class. Do you know what Maf, Glie, and Kat did right after sitting down? They studied finacc! Honestly, sometimes BSA students don’t know when to stop :))
  • Leo took me around Davao and introduced me to this really great whole in the wall japanese place called Yurushi. I blogged about it before here.
  • Went back to stre3ts with Syme, Kaira, Yana, and Jonas for Leo’s 18th. Wednesdays at Stre3ts is slowly turning into a tradition for my high school barkada :)) We left our complete group photo there along with Leo’s school registration for the fuzzies. Well, semi-complete photo. Leo’s not in it as usual.

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