Revisiting Manga Toshokan

Monday, October 05, 2015

Yana, Leo, and I went back to Manga Toshokan because Leo was hungry (as usual) and I was in dire need of reading material that wasn’t numerical in nature.

The place didn’t change much since the last time we were there, which if I remember correctly was 3 months ago. Hundreds of mangas, artbooks, novels, and magazines still line the walls and the faint sound of JPop plays in the background. A bunch of students were studying in groups when we got there so it was pretty rowdy.

I ordered a Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich with cheese and the taste definitely improved. I didn’t quite like their seafood pasta thing though- it was too bland and dry for my taste. I actually now want to go back and try their katsudon and see if the taste of their omurice changed. Hnggh feed me japanese food please.

After catching up, my friends and I each picked out manga titles and fell into a comfortable silence. It’s kind of rare for our group to not talk way too loud or laugh like no one’s listening, but it was a welcome change. I picked up a title called Saturn Apartments (Dosein Mansion) by Iwaoka Hisae. It’s a really cute post-apocalyptic story about a boy who cleans the windows of the aircraft that humankind now resides in. I almost teared up a few times and i’m really looking forward to finishing the whole manga this sembreak.

 I still find it kind of weird that such a cutesy and serene hideout is located right beside a famous strip club. It must get pre-tty interesting in the area when it gets dark. Note to self: people-watch at Manga Tosh someday! Manga Tosh is slowly turning into my favorite hideout. The only thing that really irks me about going here is that you have to leave you bags in a depository. I understand that it’s necessary so that titles won’t get stolen, but i’m really just not a fan of depositories and like to keep all of my belongings close.

Anyway, i’m definitely going to hang here a lot during the sembreak and read to my heart’s content.

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