Yurushi Japanese Restaurant

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Leo took me to this little whole in the wall Japanese resto hidden in the corner of Araullo and Uyanguren. It might seem a bit shady-looking at first, but it’s actually just a simple eatery that gives off a traditional japanese sushi bar vibe. The second floor does have airconditioning and is really clean overall, but the place itself is nothing fancy. It doesn’t have those little novelties that restaurants display to lure-in the instagram-obsessed masses.

The noteworthy thing about Yurushi is their food. Their katsudon and gyudon are up there on the list of the best in Davao, and they’re both insanely cheap! A whole bowl cops at around 75 pesos and the servings are pretty generous. I ordered a bowl of oyakudon and had a hard time finishing it.

The rest of the offerings on their menu are all reasonably priced as well with nothing going over a hundred pesos. If you’re hungry and looking for a foodtrip that won’t bankrupt you, try Yurushi’s -udon dishes, karaage, miso ramen, and tonkatsu. They also have non-jap dishes like lechon kawali, tinola, and spare ribs.

Yurushi has apparently been around for a while now, I just never knew where to look. Yeah, I was pretty skeptical about the place at first but I guess some of the best gastronomic adventures are the ones you really have to go on an adventure for.

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